Opus Bikes

About Opus Bikes

At Opus, their goal is a very simple one: To design and build first-class bicycles for riders at every level. They want to share their passion for the very best in cycling.

Their highly-experienced design team has created a wide range of road, mountain, urban and kids bicycles to satisfy every rider on every type of terrain.

Road cycling was their first passion and it remains an essential part of their DNA. With 25 models to choose from, they offer every type of riding experience from road through cyclosport, cyclocross to touring.

Opus’s mountain bike designers are avid mountain bike enthusiasts themselves, with many miles of riding experience on all sorts of trails and terrains from across the country. They’ve put together a program that features the best technologies available for our frames and components. And we’ve never forgotten that the most important part of mountain biking is the sheer fun and pleasure of the sport.

Urban cycling has become a special mission for Opus. The environmental, health and social benefits of moving people from motorized vehicles to bikes is clear. We’ve designed a wide range of bikes with different styles and options so that every cyclist can find a bike ideally suited to their requirements and tastes.

Their passion for cycling is evident in our Opus Kids’ collection. It begins with the BeeBike, the perfect first-bike introduction for the youngest riders; all the way up to their 24-inch wheel performance bikes for young racers not quite ready for a larger bicycle.

Opus bikes are Canadian designed and most are assembled at their headquarters in Ville St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec.

A leader in energy and environmental design, Opus supports green living with our silver-level, LEED-certified headquarters. Opus is also proud to have won the Hydro Quebec Excellence Award for high performance in energy efficiency and the ecoEnergy Award for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether you cycle for competition, recreation, pleasure or simply to get to and from work or school, Opus has a bike that will delight, transform and transport you wherever you choose to ride.