Ziggy – President / Owner

Welcome to my new bicycle store in Toronto!

I am Ziggy, previously from the Kitchener-Waterloo Region.

Cycling is my life. When I was young, back in Poland, the country boys would chase one another to show off the power of their engines: one-speed bikes with fenders and lights. My bike survived to my first novice race in Kalisz. I was 16. It was too late: I was hooked to cycling!

From that time until my arrival in Canada in 1981, I joined the local cycling club which provided me with all the necessary equipment and support for racing. I won many national and international races: criterium, road, velodrome and even cyclocross. I was also part of the Polish National Team.

When I arrived in Kitchener, I had one challenge in mind: follow my passion for cycling in a new environment. I co-founded a bike store and a cycling club which allowed me to be fully involved with the sport. I organized races (MTB, cyclocross, road and duathlon) and supported many charity events. I also coached riders, from beginners to members of the Ontario and Canadian teams. Despite my busy schedule, I was able to steal a few hours to train and race. I won many races (MTB, cyclocross, road, duathlon and velodrome) including Ontario and Canadian Championships.

During my 23 years in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, the bike store was recognized as Business of the Year. Moreover, I received several awards such as Best Oktoberfest Sport Event, Volunteer of the Year, Coach of the Year, Organizer of the Year and Dedicated to Cycling. I also was given recognition by the Ontario and Canadian governments.

After selling my shares of the bike store to my partner in June 2004, I immigrated to Toronto and started over again. I bought a property and set up my new store ZM Cycle & Fitness Ltd. which opened in March 2005. My challenge hasn’t changed since 1981: I still want to follow my passion but this time, in the big city. Is it too big for a country boy? I doubt it. I already organized my first MTB and cyclocross races on October 2, 2005 in the beautiful Cedarvale Park.

A successful and enjoyable cycling experience, whether recreational or competitive, is achieved through many factors. The best advice can only come from an experienced person who assembles bikes, services them, tests them and fits them to customers. If that person has also coaching and racing experience. even better! Unfortunately, not many bicycle stores have a Ziggy around.

The brands competing in Tour de France or other world class events are certainly easier to sell with less experience. What about going for Canadian brands and suppliers who support cycling? You can also benefit from affordable prices and custom features. That’s how I like it.

As I always say: “Less talk. More action.”

Come visit me at the store. I will be pleased to serve you with all my expertise.