ZM Cycle and Fitness 5 Star Bicycle Service

Professional repair services offering a full range of maintenance, installation and assembly for most brands. All prices are plus TAX.

Kid’s Bikes, Fixed gear and Coaster Bikes (No hand brakes) $49.99-59.99+Tax  and up.              

  • Adjust hubs                                                                                           
  • Check bottom bracket
  • Check head set
  • Wheel truing touch-up
  • Check and adjust wheel axles
  • Check tire pressure
  • Tighten nuts, bolts and fasteners
  • Check and lube chain
  • Lubrication of necessary components
  • Check pedals
  • Clean frame
  • Parts and accessories will be extra.

Internal Hub or Kids bikes with 3 – 6 speeds & hand brakes $69.99 +Tax

As above with the following additions:

  • Grease and adjust cables
  • Adjust and service brakes
  • Service derailleur(s) lube and adjust
  • Check and adjust shifters if needed
  • Hanger check and alignment
  • Check suspension and pivot points (if equipped)
  • Parts and accessories will be extra

Road, Hybrid, Mountain Bikes with more than 6 speeds    $109.99+Tax and Up

All the above (Parts and accessories would be extra)

We use genuine factory service parts and accessories or quality aftermarket parts and accessories.

Extra charges apply for labour not included in the service packages. Parts not included in labour rates and a $5.00 shop fee applies to all service packages. Bicycles left for more than 7 days after completion will be subject to storage and handling fees. More than 30 days, items will become the property of ZM Cycle and Fitness LTD without restriction. First come, first served. One to five day turn around if parts are in stock. Estimate only on inspection at ZM Cycle.

                       Common Service Charges plus parts

Tire tube install, wheel only                                 $10.00 +Tax

We take the wheel off the bike              $20.00 F+Tax / $25 R +Tax And Up

Shift adjust                                                            $10.00 +Tax

Brake adjust (wheel must be true)                       $10.00 +Tax

Brake pad install and adjust per wheel                $15.00 – $25.00 +Tax

Chain install                                                           $15.00 – $20.00 +Tax

Front wheel true w/tire & disc removal                $20.00 – $30.00 +Tax

Rear wheel true w/tire, disc, cassette removal   $25.00 – $45.00 +Tax

Wheel true with spoke replacement                     $35.00 & up +Tax
Wheel Build Labor Charge (Per wheel)                 $80.00 & up +Tax
Wheel Build Labor Charge
(Per wheel/ disassembly of previous wheel)        $120.00 $ & up + tax.                       

Bottom bracket (depending on removal)              $30.00 & up +Tax

Head set                                                                 $30.00 & up +Tax

Rear axle                                                                $30.00 & up +Tax

Cassette / freewheel replace                                 $20.00 & up +Tax

Boxing bike for shipping                                       $100.00 +Tax

International shipping is available

Insurance claims and collision estimates             $99.00 & up +Tax

Assemble bike from box not purchased at ZM      $60.00 & up +Tax

Disc brake bleed                                                     $30.00 & up +Tax

Road Bike disc brake bleed                                    $60.00 & up +Tax

Forks, shocks and other related suspension service available

Professional frame painting available, price on request

Tubeless & tubular tire set-up available

Not comfortable on your bike?

Come and see us for experienced Bike fitting

ZM Cycle and fitness has years of knowledge and service experience plus experience from road bike, mountain bike and triathlon competition with national and international awards to give our customers better than the competition, service at a fair price.

                          Tips from Ziggy and the Crew

  1. Regularly check your tire air pressure to avoid flats.
  2. Replace your chain before damaging the cassette.
  3. Avoid putting the bike down or crashing on the right side to keep the rear derailleur from bending.