Fran Vigliatore

I am a 15 year old kid that loves to ride my mountain bike and have a good time with my friends. I ride mostly at joyride150, my home park. Bailey peckford is my best friend and we ride together almost all the time. I have met lots of people and have gone to many places because of my bike and hope it continues to give me great opportunities.


Date of Birth: september 17, 1999
Age:15 years old
Weight: 115 pounds
Height: 5'3"
Nationality: Canadian
Disciplines: Dirt Jump
Instagram: @franvigs
Pinkbike: franvigz


Q: Who inspired you to 
start cycling:
"A few of my friends, Matt Macduff and Drew Bezanson."
Q: First Real Bike:
"Norco havoc 24""
Q: Childhood hero: 
"Grave Digger driver"
Q: What do you love most about cycling?
"having a good time with friends or the feeling of accomplishment when landing a big trick."
Q: What has cycling 
taught you? 
"It has taught me to appreciate what you have been given in life and to always have as much fun as you possibly can."
Q: Favourite race/ride/
"joyride Halloween jam."
Q: Highlight of your 
"landing my first backflip."
Q: Favourite film:
"Dazed and Confused."
Q: Favourite music: 
"70's/80's rock."
Q: Favourite food: 
"Grandmas pasta."
Q: Most famous person 
you've met: 
"Drew Bazanson"
Q: Most embarrassing 
"getting in trouble in front of the class in high school."
Q: Interests away from 
"girls, pitbikes and subarus."
Q: Interesting fact: 
"i have broken my leg, ruptured my kidney and i am part Italian."
Q: Best advice: 
"Do what you love to do, don't take life too seriously, focus on having a good time for yourself and less about what you look like or seem like to others."